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"Come to think it over, I don't entirely agree with it myself.
Not everything I wrote yesterday appeals to me today.

Elbert Hubbard

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31 July 2012 @ 11:49 am
First of all, I'm sorry I hasn't really been around! I know I need to be more active and I'd love to do just that, but my internet barely works in my summer house; it seriously takes about fifteen minutes at best to check my mail even. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to come back to the city soon and be able to use internet properly! I sound a bit addicted, don't I... orz. Speaking of me being at my summer house now, I took a shower there quite a lot of times, obviously, and the last time I did I spotted three spiders. THREE. I almost snapped and went back, but then I calmed down a little and realized I should be there to keep my father in line because of his problems and such. I think soon with that kind of environment I'll start kissing spiders or something. I know I shouldn't be afraid of them since they can't do much to me- OH wait, they can, actually, I forgot to say that while I slept some spider fell on my eye ON MY EYE. Sometimes I think I'm a wonder woman because I managed to not even scream at that... never mind the fact that I couldn't sleep the nights after, lol. I know I probably told enough horror stories already, but recently someone's dog attacked an old man who could barely walk and now I'm not even sure I want to take a walk near that place, some people are just so irresponsible, I mean, how can you not even lock your dog that's so aggressive? Sigh. I do love dogs though :'D

In the last few days I managed to catch up with quite a lot of stuff, too, and even finished Teen Wolf with Lena DEREK!!, it has a very nice plot indeed; it's about DEREK!! some loser teenager who got turned into a werewolf one day so the show is about him going through that DEREK!! and also trying to solve some murders and hook up with a mary sue... what? It's true! DEREK!!DEREK!!DEREK!! *cough cough* Really, I care about stuff in this show other than Derek, but not very much you see haha. I do love Stiles and Lydia, too, they just hang out with losers too much. Like the main character and his girlfriend, who really tend to care only for each other. From the more recent scenes, there was that one where this kid was bleeding to death and they were just behind a shelf, solving their issues... which I forget, some stuff about trust or him being a werewolf I suppose I don't care much LOL. Overall, it has some things in common with the Vampire Diaries but not much, just the teenagers caught up in supernatural matters. Romance is less annoying in there, too, because in Teen Wolf I just can't look at that main couple anymore. They get so caught up in their issues, seriously. Another example is when the main girl's friend, Lydia, had some SERIOUS problems that she could technically help with, but she refused to help at all when Lydia asked because she has her own problems & then she goes on about them. Some great friendship right there! It all didn't end well, though, thankfully. Not that she would ever admit it was her fault, ugh. I'm sorry LET'S TALK ABOUT DEREK INSTEAD. He needs to get his blue eyes back ;~~; No, don't worry, nobody ate them (I'm looking at you CLAMP) or anything, he just changed. Sort of. He's still cool though. I feel like I just can't say anything moderately intelligent when I talk about this show, haha.

Also, I know I did this probably more than once already, haha, but still; I'd love to answer these again (I edited it a little, too, you guys probably all know what exactly YES I AM HOPELESS):

Give me a fandom, and I'll answer...

❤ Favorite male:
❤ Favorite female:
✖ Least favorite:
❤ Favorite couple:
✖ Least favorite couple:
✔ Who resembles me:
✔ Who reminds me of you:
❤ Most attractive:
❤ Three more characters that I like:

In case you have no idea what fandoms I'm in (you probably don't since I post like... twice a year LOL), here's my MAL & playfire, as well as my tumblr :)

By the way, this thing managed to guess everything except for hair color... should I be afraid.
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21 June 2010 @ 02:15 am
1. I picked ten female and ten male celebrities I find attractive.
2. Each day, I'll make a poll, and you will vote for the man and woman you find least attractive. The person in each poll with the most votes is eliminated.
3. Please vote based on how attractive/unattractive you find the person, not how much you like/dislike them or their work.
4. At the end of ten days, we will have a winner!

Now can these pretty people make out with each other?~ lolz )
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JOIN [ profile] disneyverse!!!
- an interactive disney challenge community -
Tell them [ profile] pinkified sent you from [ profile] teamrenaissance 8D
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15 January 2009 @ 03:32 pm
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27 October 2008 @ 07:23 pm

Yeah, guys! I've finally did it, an icon community ^_^ Now I won't spam your f-lists with useless stuff...
[ profile] nyah_creations

(there's a new icon post there, a lot of Disney, since my two particular LJ friends got me into it :D they should know, right?)

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